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Who are we?

Rugby4Cast is a (sometimes!) extended group of sports fanatics who are interested in a little more of the detail and statistics behind all sports, but mainly rugby currently.

We run this website in our spare time, and all content has been developed and is maintained internally. The project is entirely for fun and is run because we are interested in sport, but also learning about the technology around running a website and maintaining a machine learning sports algorithm. So please bear with us if something breaks!

We hope you like the website, and the content we provide. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact via email.

What we do

Well, hopefully you have some inkling by now, but in case you don’t here’s a quick summary.

We started several years ago as a hobby looking at historical rugby results and the implications of future matches on the World Rugby rankings. Over time a large amount of data was collected and the first attempts at predictions were made.

The website and Rugby4Cast was launched in late 2017 for the Autumn Internationals and things have progressed and escalated ever since. International rugby was the main focus for the first year, before improvements in the technology we used allowed an entry into club rugby without too much extra workload.

Head over to sports4cast.com to learn a little more.

We aim to provide a variety of content regarding upcoming rugby matches, largely based around the output of the Algorithm – explained in more detail here – and our associated database.

The Algorithm is our machine learning predictive program that predicts the scoreline in upcoming rugby matches. We often then will write an article or two about the predictions, and aim to explain why the Algorithm has come to its conclusions, with reference to the statistics and histories of the two sides.

We also provide updates to rankings, both official and unofficial, often given the prospective changes to rankings should certain events come to pass. You can read more about both our, and World Rugby’s, rankings systems here.

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