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Betting insight from the Rugby4Cast Algorithm, providing you with the best (and worst) bets of each weekend.

So you’re thinking about joining the inner sanctum of Rugby4Cast, for access to our rugby betting tips and comparison of the bookies' odds?

Excellent stuff. We'd love to have you. We’ve got a selection of the biggest Bookies' odds for upcoming matches, all colour coded relative to the Algorithm's predictions. The colour coding shows whether these are good or bad bets, based on a calculation of the expected value of these bets.

We publish our results over here. If you feel it looks worth it, then come join.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get inside...
Learn more about our colour coding system on our how it works page.

What's Included in Rugby4Cast Betting Membership?

Recommendations on the best matches to bet on, based on our AI.

Comparisons between bookmakers' odds, identifying the best bookie for each game.

Recommendations on where to place bets for each match, whether home odds, away odds or points margin more features coming soon

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