Beat the Bookies at Their Own Game

Insight from the beating heart of the Rugby4Cast Algorithm, providing you with the best tips and advice for each weekend.
So you’re interested in learning more about our rugby Algorithm and how it's generated over 400% profit this year? (See our latest results below).

Excellent stuff. It's fairly simple. We look at all of the bookies’ odds for the upcoming matches, compare them to our Algorithm’s predictions and tell our members where the opportunities to make money are.


Our colour coding system shows whether a match has met our threshold for value, based on a calculation of the expected performance. We also use our own variation of the Kelly Criterion (read about that in the strategy below) to give advice on how much to stake on each match in order to maximise your return.

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We’re fairly open about what’s going on - this isn’t some nefarious affiliates tipping site that will disappear after a week or not post their true success (again, see our latest results below) - so click around some of the links on this page to learn about what we do and how we developed it before you decide to sign up. Please also get in contact if things aren't clear.

How does it all work?

See the strategy

How was it developed?

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What do I need to do?

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What's included?

Calculations of value for each match, identifying the tipping points at which you should consider placing money.

Comparisons between bookmakers' odds, identifying the best bookie for each game.

Recommendations on how much to stake, based on how mispriced the bookies are, and the likelihood of the outcome. more features coming soon.
FIRST MONTH FREE, then £9.99 a month or £99.99 a year (saving 17%).
Get started for £9.99 / month
Get started for £99.99 / year